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Nigel Hawkes :: Mon, 23/08/2010 - 16:18

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Crying rape falsely: rare or common?

The founder of Wikileaks, Julian Assange, is claiming that a dirty tricks campaign lay behind the charges of rape and sexual assault laid against him by two Swedish women last week.

Nigel Hawkes :: Thu, 15/07/2010 - 15:02

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Doing violence to crime statistics

The new Government promised a change: but in the way it is handling statistics, it has so far been a change for the worse.

Nigel Hawkes :: Tue, 08/06/2010 - 15:31

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Legal challenge to vetting scheme

The Royal College of Nursing is seeking a judicial review of the vetting and safeguarding scheme launched by the last government, and often the subject of criticism

Nigel Hawkes :: Tue, 01/06/2010 - 12:35

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Thin pickings from the violent crime statistics

Just how likely is it that you – or your teenage son – will be attacked by a stranger in the street?

Nigel Hawkes :: Tue, 25/05/2010 - 17:20

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Rapists in short trousers

Yesterday’s conviction of two boys, both aged ten, for the crime of attempted rape raises once more the knotty issue of rape statistics.

Nigel Hawkes :: Tue, 13/04/2010 - 10:54

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Statistics in the dock

Tomorrow a court in Antwerp is expected to rule that Holland’s worst-ever serial killer is innocent of the charges for which she was jailed for life in 2004.

Nigel Hawkes :: Mon, 12/04/2010 - 11:11

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Still no evidence to justify DNA retention

The argument over the retention of “innocent” DNA profiles has descended to a new low as the election approaches.

Nigel Hawkes :: Tue, 16/03/2010 - 15:11

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Crime figures that flatter to deceive

The police are failing to take anti-social behaviour seriously and to record information about it adequately, according to the Chief Inspector of Constabulary, Denis O’Connor.

Nigel Hawkes :: Wed, 17/02/2010 - 14:52

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Juries not to blame for rapists going free

“Contrary to popular belief and previous Government reports, juries actually convict more often than they acquit in rape cases” concludes Professor Cheryl Thomas of University Col

Nigel Hawkes :: Thu, 11/02/2010 - 20:00

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Home Office muddle over DNA profiles

Just how far will the Home Office go to justify the retention of DNA profiles from people arrested but not found guilty of any crime?