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Wed, 01/04/2009 - 10:32

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Knife Crime - guidance to civil servants


Thu, 26/03/2009 - 15:53

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Crime Statistics: the e-mail trail


Nigel Hawkes :: Thu, 05/02/2009 - 12:52

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Councils accused of statistical embroidery

Local Government Chronicle is having an entertaining spat with the Local Government Association over an issue that will ring a bell with lots of council tax payers. Are local authorities doing enough to help businesses through the recession? LGC says no: the LGA says yes.

Nigel Hawkes :: Sun, 28/12/2008 - 12:53

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Thief-Catchers or Target-Matchers?

KENT council tax payers were pleased as Punch when they read a recent copy of Policing Kent. “Good news on performance” it trumpeted above a list of targets it had set out to hit, and the results it had actually achieved.

Nigel Hawkes :: Mon, 15/12/2008 - 12:45

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How Not to Measure R&D Spending

The Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills ought to know how to add up. But to judge from its 2008 R&D Scoreboard it has some problems in that area.