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UK Statistics Authority

Nigel Hawkes :: Tue, 13/09/2011 - 10:08

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UKSA Chair re-advertised

Nigel Hawkes :: Fri, 26/08/2011 - 09:42

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Miscounting the Scottish NHS workforce

Voices have been raised in the Scottish Parliament over claims made by Health Secretary Nicola Sturgeon on NHS Scotland’s workforce.

Nigel Hawkes :: Tue, 16/08/2011 - 16:20

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ONS censured for arithmetical error

Nigel Hawkes :: Thu, 11/08/2011 - 15:18

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UKSA calls for clarity on incapacity benefits

Nigel Hawkes :: Thu, 07/07/2011 - 08:16

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Not for me, says Dame Janet

Dame Janet Finch (pictured) has decided she doesn’t want to be Chair of the UK Statistics Authority after all.

Nigel Hawkes :: Mon, 27/06/2011 - 14:05

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New chair for UK Statistics Authority nominated

Nigel Hawkes :: Fri, 27/05/2011 - 08:14

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Whoops! Treasury presses the wrong button

The Treasury accidentally released market-sensitive statistics to 400 people on May 16, the UK Statistics Authority has disclosed.

Nigel Hawkes :: Wed, 27/04/2011 - 10:19

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No thanks, says Boris

Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, (pictured) doesn’t appear too impressed by the rap on the knuckles he recei

Nigel Hawkes :: Fri, 25/03/2011 - 15:56

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Smoking and alcohol time series under threat

Plans by the NHS Information Centre to save £300,000 a year by withdrawing its  contribution to the cost of the General Lifestyle Survey could see the end of  a 40-