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Nigel Hawkes :: Thu 26th Feb 2009

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Puffing and blowing for renewables


THE UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and former US Democratic presidential candidate Al Gore argue in the Financial Times (February 16) that there are now more jobs in the US wind industry than there are in the entire coal industry. This is something to celebrate, they suggest - and indeed in these hard times it is good to know that there are employment opportunities in renewable energy.

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Nigel Hawkes :: Thu 5th Feb 2009

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Councils accused of statistical embroidery

Local Government Chronicle is having an entertaining spat with the Local Government Association over an issue that will ring a bell with lots of council tax payers. Are local authorities doing enough to help businesses through the recession? LGC says no: the LGA says yes.

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Nigel Hawkes :: Mon 2nd Feb 2009

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Image of Charles Darwin as an elderly man

Ask a stupid question ...


Pity poor Darwin. So many people are using his bicentenary as a grindstone on which to hone their prejudices.

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Nigel Hawkes :: Wed 28th Jan 2009

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Peering into the darkness


Are members of the House of Lords the idlers that The Times asserts them to be? On January 27, at the height of the row over peers being paid for acting as consultants, Alice Thomson wrote an article in The Times claiming that members of the Upper House were idle as well as biddable.

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Nigel Hawkes :: Sun 28th Dec 2008

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Thief-Catchers or Target-Matchers?

KENT council tax payers were pleased as Punch when they read a recent copy of Policing Kent. “Good news on performance” it trumpeted above a list of targets it had set out to hit, and the results it had actually achieved.

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Nigel Hawkes :: Mon 15th Dec 2008

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How Not to Measure R&D Spending

The Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills ought to know how to add up. But to judge from its 2008 R&D Scoreboard it has some problems in that area.

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Nigel Hawkes :: Thu 27th Nov 2008

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Four Tails and You’re Out

ANOTHER hospital has called in the Healthcare Commission because it has suffered a run of deaths in its heart transplant programme.

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