Useful Links

 UK Statistics Authority: guide to the statistical system, rules and governance

 UK National Statistics: the publication hub provides a diary of recent and forthcoming statistics. Useful RSS feed available


Royal Statistical Society: news, events and publications from the Royal Statistical Society


Understanding Uncertainty: risk, chance and probability elegantly explained on the site run by David Spiegelhalter’s Cambridge group


More or Less: the website of Radio 4s excellent series on the use and abuse of numbers, created by Michael Blastland and Andrew Dilnot and presented by Tim Harford


Risk Research: projects in progress in a university network of researchers interested in the perception of real life risks


Bad Science: Dr Ben Goldacre’s provocative and fearless take on snake oil salesmen and the iniquities of the media


Better Journalism: the Media Standards Trust promotes excellence in the media


Freedom of Information: how to use the FoI Act, news and comment on issues of press freedom


Press Complaints: the website of the Press Complaints Commission- codes of practice, making a complaint


Mathematical Thinking: Open University website on understanding numbers


Numberwatch: a highly personal site devoted to the monitoring of misleading numbers, with a grumpy old man flavour


Radstats: launched as the Radical Statistics Group in 1975, Radstats pursues statistics with a political flavour, aiming to build a more egalitarian society


StatsChat is a New Zealand-based site with material based on its home country but often of much broader relevance