Nigel Hawkes :: Thu, 19/04/2012 - 15:24

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Scottish crime statistics manipulated?

Nigel Hawkes :: Wed, 08/02/2012 - 14:39

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Squeezing Scottish drinkers until the pips squeak

Sheila Bird :: Thu, 12/01/2012 - 14:00

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One question or two? Let's have a referendum

Nigel Hawkes :: Wed, 04/01/2012 - 12:16

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Superbug data trip up Scottish Labour

Nigel Hawkes :: Wed, 21/12/2011 - 14:56

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Puzzling statistics on drinking in Scottish schoolchildren

The Scotsman headlines its report today on new statistics on alcohol consumption in Scottish schoolchildren “One in seven children ‘drinking regularly’”.

Nigel Hawkes :: Tue, 08/11/2011 - 13:00

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Scotland’s unevidenced energy claims

The Institution of Mechanical Engineers has called the Scottish Government’s bluff over its renewable energy claims.

Nigel Hawkes :: Mon, 07/11/2011 - 14:57

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Eat English, Live Longer

Can it really be true that the Celtic nations of the UK could save almost 4,000 lives every year by eating like the English?

Nigel Hawkes :: Wed, 28/09/2011 - 09:39

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Scotland’s drinking habits exaggerated

There is a member’s debate at 5.30 pm today in the Scottish Parliament, on a motion proposed by Scottish Nationalist MSP James Dornan, (pictured) the  member for Glasgow Cathcart.

Nigel Hawkes :: Wed, 14/09/2011 - 13:39

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The National Lottery: a game of chance, not luck

Periodically the National Lottery issues press releases about which postcodes or areas of the country are “luckier” than others in winning the top lottery prize.

Nigel Hawkes :: Fri, 26/08/2011 - 09:42

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Miscounting the Scottish NHS workforce

Voices have been raised in the Scottish Parliament over claims made by Health Secretary Nicola Sturgeon on NHS Scotland’s workforce.